Eight in 10 young adults feel they are not good enough, poll claims

Pressure to find love and earn more money leaves participants feeling inadequate

Eight in 10 millennials think they are not “good enough”, a new poll has claimed. 

A study of 2,000 22-38 year-olds found feeling under pressure to find love, succeed in careers and meet expectations of peers meant three quarters felt increasingly “overwhelmed”.

For seven in 10 of those asked, trying to go to the gym regularly and earn enough money were causes of stress

Eighty per cent said their sleep has been affected and 79 per cent of participants said their mental health has been impacted by not feeling good enough.

The survey also found young adults felt pressure to walk 10,000 plus steps a day and be socially active. 

David Jiscoot, from Alpro, whose research launches the Good For You campaign, said: “It’s clear to see from our research that millennials are feeling huge pressures to ‘be their best selves’.

“Alpro want to reassure those feeling overwhelmed that in real life, good is good enough and it’s the small, positive changes that are what can make a huge difference.”

Sixty-two per cent said they have spent more money than they could afford trying to fit it.

Over a quarter of respondents said much of the pressure they feel to better themselves comes from parents.

One fifth, however, blamed social media on feeling inadequate. 

The poll also found a greater proportion of millennial women asked (82 per cent) believed they were not good enough compared to young men (73 per cent).

Source: Independent