We are happy to announce that we have embarked upon a journey for our beloved son Akash (Sky) and have established a charitable organisation in his name.

We believe everyone with mental health problems should have the best possible information and support for their condition.

We will campaign to create awareness and end the stigma of mental illness, we hope that this will enable and encourage people to acknowledge and talk.

Our fundraising

Campaigning and fundraising are very important to us, we feel proud of what it helps achieve. On regular basics we monitor and review our campaigns and fundraising practices to make sure they are fair and appropriate, and make changes where ever necessary.

About your donation

Your given donations will be used responsibly to educate and raise awareness and to help people with mental health problems to get the counselling support they need before they fall into despair and save lives, whilst they are on the waiting list which can be very long. Our aim is to keep administration costs to a minimum without effecting the quality of SSF work.
At SSF we are happy to answer any question you have about how your donation is contributed and clear financial information will be available.