Corporate Partnership

One in four will experience mental illness in their lifetime. It could be anyone your loved ones, your friends, your family or your work colleagues.

With your help we can ensure that no one faces mental health problem on their own.

By supporting us as a company you can help us in creating awareness of mental health in social life and workplace.

Whatever the size of your business, we are keen to work with you to make a difference to the lives of people who need to help bring their life back on track.


Taking part in fundraising on behalf of Sky Sharma Foundation is a great way to support our cause and to raise vital funds and create awareness of the importance mental health and wellbeing in individuals.

There are many activities that you can take on such as running a marathon, coffee mornings, quiz nights, karaoke or even selling cupcakes the activities are unlimited.

Join our Campaign

Sky Sharma Foundation believes in actively campaigning for change on how mental health is perceived today, and we understand that with the determination we can achieve our mission.

We will be the voice of everyone who is suffering with a mental health problem.

Every individual should be treated with respect, dignity and should be able to access first class care. Help us make a difference.


Volunteering your time and energy can be a great way to gain vital work experience that many employers now look for.

No matter what your interests, experience or skills are you can help make a real difference to the lives of individuals affected by mental illness.

You don't have to be a mental health specialist, you just need to be compassionate, caring and have an interest in our cause. You will not only be doing something really meaningful but will meet new people, make new friends and gain valuable experience.

You can volunteer by inspiring others with your stories, you can speak to media, and actively promote through social media, friends and families.

You can volunteer to participate in our fundraising and campaigning events.

Support as an individual

By donating to Sky Sharma Foundation SSF, you have the opportunity to support something bigger, stronger and more effective than any one person could be – an organisation SSF that stands up for all types of desolation in people lives.

The best way you can support SSF is to begin a regular gift by Direct Debit – it’s easy to set up and you can help us to plan ahead, knowing your gift is secure. All gift’s you are able to make will help, and will be very gratefully received.
Any other contribution is welcome - we would like to help as many as possible.