About Akash (Sky) Sharma Sky Sharma 15 March 1994 - 28 September 2015

Akash was born on Tuesday 15th march 1994 at 3.14pm. After many prayers he was Gods’ gift to us. Today, I remember you as the well mannered boy, full of passion, persuasive and discussing topics with huge conviction from a tender age.

Right from birth he was a very unique child, he had a beautiful smile and a sparkle in his eyes. Before he could speak or walk, he had a sense for music. Whenever Hindi or Punjabi songs and even religious hymns were played, his face would light up and he would sway with the music.

At a tender age, he was fascinated with learning everything from helping me with cleaning, cooking and learning to play the Dholki with his dad. He would also act out being an aunty and keep us all amused and in tears with laughter. Between the ages of 5 to 13 years, on many occasions he would accompany his Bhua (aunty) to religious gatherings to sing religious songs and to play the Dholki, everyone complimented him on his tremendous talent as a young child. During these years he also learned to play other Musical instruments such as Dhol, Bongos, Tabla, Keyboard and Drums as well as singing English, Hindi and Punjabi songs. In this period he also had a passion for photography and filming, he would write a script and get his sisters to act or dance and he would film them, after which he would spends hours editing and then show the film which was excellently done. We all were amazed at his abilities.

He had great knowledge in computers and technology, he could problem solve and repair, and had the ability to make a new computer from scratch.

When we refurbished our house Akash took the lead as to how it should look and contributed in painting, decorating, tiling and wiring. His school years were very good, he excelled in his studies and most of all he enjoyed the company of others, regardless of age, religion, or gender, he was everyone’s friend. He would go out of his way to help everyone, including elderly people and he would offer his help carrying their shopping home.

Akash went to Loxford High School and college, he was very popular with the students and teachers, again always ready to help everybody.

On our vacation to India Akash was fascinated by the vibrant and colourful country, he would go out on the streets and into homes of strangers, he would entertain everyone with his singing, dancing, telling jokes and his unusual talks. Between 2008 and 2012 his sisters were getting married, he would take the lead as to how the arrangements should be special, he organised music and the entertainment.

In 2011 Akash continued his studies and went to Hackney College to study drama, arts and music. He met many new friends and was very happy, he was the student president. Upon getting his grades he enrolled in Roehampton University in 2013 to continue his studies for music and acting, he had a desire to go to Hollywood and would say one day I will achieve my dream.

Akash was very popular amongst all the students and his professors and his contribution to departments was tremendous. During this time Akash changed his name to Sky, Akash would change his looks to explore different styles and types of music from soul, pop, jazz, rock and even heavy metal, he opened up a You tube account where he had uploaded video of cover songs in his own voice. He wrote, composed and sang his own songs. Akash was in a band named Into The Ether, as a drummer and received positive reviews from critics as an upcoming drummer for the band.

In 21 years of his life Akash achieved experience in many fields. He had outshone every expectation of his parents and family. To his mum and dad, he was and will always be AKASH THE GREAT.



I chose my time, I chose my way

I chose to stay, not another day

Don’t hurt yourself, don’t wonder why

I made my choice, my sweet goodbye

Cry not for me, I have my peace

Please respect, my short-lived lease

It wasn’t to punish, or cause great pain

No upper hand, nor spiteful gain

It was a thought, a mood, a chance,

Our worlds have changed, a circumstance

For the tearful eyes, I leave behind

To make you suffer was not in mind

I am ever near, so remember me

And the stupid stuff, that caused such glee

Take all these thoughts, and give them space

Banish bleaker ones: they have no place

And because I trust, you love me so

You’ll understand, I had to go

I’ll suffer not, I won’t grow older

There’s nothing more, for me to shoulder

I didn’t explain, I made my choice

And so this poem, becomes my voice

So pray for me, I pray for you

I pray for strength, to carry you

Because - I chose my time, I chose my way

I chose to stay, not another day.